Mixed Vegetables/Curry/Bhaji£4.50

Cauliflower Bhaji£4.50

Mushroom Bhaji£4.50

Saag Bhaji£4.50

Spinach in spices

Bombay Aloo£4.50

Potatoes in spices

Aloo Gobi£4.50

Potatoes and cauliflower in spices

Dhall Sag Bhaji£4.50

Lentils and spinach in spices

Bindi Bhaji£4.50

Okra in spice

Sag Aloo£4.50

Spinach and potatoes in spices

Tarka Dhall£4.50

Lentils with garlic

Chana Bhajee£4.50

Chick peas in spices

Sag Paneer£4.90

Spinach and light cottage cheese

Paneer Aloo Chilli£5.10

Cheese & potato with green chilli


Green Salad£1.80