Culinary gems unique to the Kajal Restaurant. Only served when dining in and subject to availability.


A stir fried sizzling speciality consisting of minced and shredded lamb or chicken with spring onion and a hint of tamarind and chilli.

Tenga Dill Salmon£11.50

Chargrilled fillets of salmon served on a prawn, dill and soured tomato sauce.

Gosht Shobuj£12.50

Tender pieces of lamb simmered with whole spices and a vibrant coriander and minty pesto with a hint of yoghurt and curry leaves. Served with paratha.

Kajal Stir Fry£12.50

Stir fried chicken and king prawn with sliced garlic, peppers, spring onions, tomatoes, coriander and a hint of chilli. Served with a fresh green salad.

Bengal Tilapia Fish£12.50

Pan fried fillets of an exotic white fish, smeared with a coriander and mint paste, caramelised onions and turmeric. Served with steamed rice and fresh green salad.