Uniquely cooked with Kashmiri spices in a medium dry dish. Cooked with plenty of herbs and spices, creating a flavoursome dish. Served in a hot balti dish.

Chicken or Prawn£7.80

Lamb or KKeema£7.80

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka£8.30

Tandoori Chicken£8.30


King Prawn£12.50


Kajal Special Balti£10.60

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and tandoori chicken

Any items from below can be added to your choice of balti. Each additional item is an extra 60p.
Aloo • Saag • Paneer • Bindi • Gobi • Mushroom • Dhall • Chana • Egg • Green Chilli • Sliced Garlic
Mixed Vegetables • Extra Tomatoes • Extra Onions • Extra Coriander • Madras Hot • Vindaloo Hot